My Road To Authority Journey – 4th June 17

Road To Authority Jenish's Journey

Ever got the feeling you are not up to the task or you feel like an imposter? I got that feeling when I was about to hit publish on the first post declaring my goals. And even more afterwards, what if people think I am full of myself, I can’t live up to what I have declared what will everyone say. I am pretty sure you get the idea of what was happening to me.

That fear held me back atleast a couple of hours before i published and and an hour or so before I even shared with my mastermind group about what my plans were. That was the fear that has held me back before. It is something that I am pretty sure every one fight with and some succumb to it and some still carry on despite it. They go out there and create wonderful things.

In that moment of fear I remembered a book I read previously “Create Or Hate: Successful People Make Things” by Dan Norris. In the book he talks about exactly the same thing, people stop from creating things because of fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of public humiliation and what not. I recognised it was all in my head and pushed ahead publishing it even if it wasn’t perfect. Sharing the post irregardless of what people would think of me. I still have those butterflies in my stomach but I am learning how to handle them. So if you are in a similar boat then I would highly suggest grab a copy of Dan’s book. It is a very quick read and he shares some great easy to implement strategies and techniques to overcome fear or as he calls it, hate.

So this post is meant to be me sharing what I achieved the past week and what I plan to do for the upcoming week to further me in my journey of becoming an authority and a thought leader. But wanted to share with you that fear almost stopped me from not even publishing the original post.

My 3 main goals for the next 3 years

1. Help atleast 1,100 young professionals unleash their potential and make a difference through their careers.
2. By 30th June 18 earn $120,000, by 30th June 19 $360,000 and by 30th June 20 $720,000 in annual income each financial year.
3. By end of 3 years recognised as an authority and a thought leader in the field of career develelopment & leadership for young professionals.

Challenges faced and lessons learnt Past week

There wasn’t much work i did on Road to CEO after posting the initial declaration and goals so not much to report as it has only been 1 day in between. I did face the challenge of overcoming my internal fear which I have highlighted above. Some of my mastermind group members were really excited about what I had to share and were fully supportive of me. It was great to have their support and encouragement.

Goals till 11/6/17

1. Create a list of 50 CEOs with contact details who I would like to interview. I have previously started working on this but haven’t completed it.
2. Create a wireframe for the Road To CEO website.
3. Create a weekly plan of activities (social media, blogs, approaches) and implement it for this week.
4. Figure out topics I would like to speak on and talk about.

So while I am building Road To CEO, I am also working on building out clientele for Road To Authority. Along with working 3 days a week in my day job. So its a constant battle of managing time in work, business and social life but it is a fun one.

Let me know in comments below about what you think of my goals and if there is anything you can help me out with.

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