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Peter and I were overwhelmed at the thought of doing a new website. The calm and methodical approach of Jenish and the Road To Authority team made the process of developing our new website easy. They broke down each of the tasks so that we could understand and complete each of the stages. To help us out with some of the more technical tasks they even created video tutorials for us to use. What impressed me the most was their ability to put us at ease about asking questions and they were always available if we needed some advice.

Violet Dhu, Corporate Communication Experts

We Help Professional Speakers Who Are On
The Road To Authority Overcome
Digital Marketing Roadblocks And Grow Their Business

At Road To Authority, we define being an Authority as getting known for what you do, why you do it and how you do it. As a Professional Speaker getting know as the Authority (Go-To-Expert) in your industry has a great advantage as your audience, potential clients and event organisers actively come seeking out for you to obtain your services to help spread your message.

Becoming an Authority doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and effort. You have to continuously work at it so that you can reap the rewards later. There are a number of things that you need to work upon to be known as the authority be it networking, social media, branding, mindset, digital marketing, blogging, podcasting, speaking, running webinars, creating online courses, and a lot more.

To help fast track your journey in becoming an authority we are dedicated in reverse engineering the road other speakers have taken in becoming authorities and to also help you overcome digital marketing roadblocks we have designed services specifically tailored for professional speakers.

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Peter Dhu

I own a “marketing coaching business” and co-host a regular podcast series with Greg Cassar, a leader in the field of digital marketing. Our podcast is Sales For Profit, Greg & I are really pleased that we found Jenish and the Road To Authority Team to produce our shows. They have an immaculate eye for detail and are very proactive with suggestions and tips on how to improve the quality of our podcasts. The great thing about Road To Authority is that they are a one-stop shop – and can provide both production and content expertise. Both Greg and I run at a reasonably fast pace in our businesses and therefore appreciate having a trustworthy back-up like Jenish and his team. They certainly fall into the “CAN-DO” category.

John Dwyer, The Institute Of WOW

Peter Dhu

Jenish Pandya

Hi, I am Jenish Pandya a professional speaker who has recently started out on the road to authority helping young technical professionals grow their careers.

Over the past eight years I have spent a lot of time learning how the entire digital marketing eco-system works by learning from the experts, reverse engineering (I am An Electrical Engineer by background) what works for others and experimenting different things. I have helped a number of clients by combining my technical skills and strategies to grow their businesses online.

Road To Authority was born because I saw that a number of professional speakers were struggling with the digital marketing (strategy and/or technical), be it with building websites that convert, search engine optimisation, growing their blogs, building an email marketing funnel & list, creating a podcast that matters, online courses that bring in passive income or social media marketing and all this prevented from them sharing their message that would help change other people’s lives for the better.

When it comes to Digital Marketing, there is a lot of information, advice and training out there but very little that is specifically for Professional Speakers. The Speaking business is different to other industries and it needs strategies and services that are specifically tailored for it. That is what we solve here at Road To Authority, we help professional speakers overcome their digital marketing road blocks by providing digital marketing services that are specifically designed for the speaking industry and help them grow their business.

Download The Top 10 Must Have Resources For Professional Speakers

Peter Dhu

I worked with Jenish and the Road To Authority team on developing my website for the launch of DIME Customer Service. For someone like me with limited website knowledge, the guys at Road To Authority certainly made the process easier. I enjoyed collaborating with them as we worked on the design and content together which made it very unique to be able to speak directly with the person developing the site and not an ‘account manager’. Jenish also assisted me with all of the other set-up aspects to launching a website including domain, email and email marketing services. The result was a huge impact to the online presence of my business which is noted by the overwhelmingly positive response I received from others. The team’s attention to detail, design and practicality were outstanding and made it a pleasure to work with them.

Chris Smoje, DIME Customer Service