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  • Jenish and his team at Road To Authority worked with me on developing my website, DIME Customer Service. For someone like me with limited website knowledge, They certainly made the process easier. Their attention to detail, design and practicality were outstanding and made it a pleasure to work with them.Chris Smoje, DIME Customer Service
  • Peter and I were overwhelmed at the thought of doing a new website. The calm and methodical approach of Jenish and the Road To Authority team made the process of developing our new website easy. To help us out with some of the more technical tasks they created video tutorials for us to use.Violet Dhu, Corporate Communication Experts
  • Greg & I are really pleased that we found Jenish and his team at Road To Authority to produce our podcast. They have an immaculate eye for detail and are very proactive with suggestions and tips on how to improve the quality of our podcasts. The great thing about them is that they are a one-stop shop.John Dwyer, Institute Of WOW
  • Jenish and the team at Road To Authority provided really easy step by step guides to not only produce a podcast, but also how to publish it, market it & re-use content. What initially appeared to be a fairly complex process was actually made really do-able for someone with limited technical expertise with Jenish and his team’s support.Liz McCoy, iWantEnterprises

Hi, I am Jenish Pandya and welcome to Road To Authority. We are here to help you fast track your journey from a Speaker to an Authority. An Authority (Go-To-Expert) is someone known for what they do, why they do it & how.

Becoming an Authority doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time & effort. We are dedicated in reverse engineering the road other speakers to do so. Also we are here to help you overcome any digital marketing roadblocks you might encounter on your journey. We look forward to working with you.

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